About NAC

Nashville Arts Coalition is a group of individuals and organizations who advocate for public policy and public funding that supports a healthy arts ecology in Nashville. NAC's guiding principles are:

  • We believe a healthy arts ecology has a positive impact on the economy, culture, and education.
  • We believe that increased advocacy for the arts in the city as a whole will benefit our entire community.
  • We believe in being focused and flexible in our work together with equitable sharing of effort, learning, and reflection on progress along the way.
  • We believe in keeping the conversation going.
  • We are inclusive of all artists, arts organizations, and their supporters.


GET INVOLVED!  Join NAC and be part of a workgroup

FUNDING & POLICY COMMITTEE – the funding and policy committee ensures that NAC's core purpose of advocacy for public funding of the arts in Nashville is galvanized and advocacy for arts policy can grow in conjunction with the membership's efforts.

MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE – the membership committee develops strategies to articulate NAC's message to its membership and keep members up to date on member meetings, budget hearings, workshops and other opportunities.

EDUCATION COMMITTEE – the education committee focuses on providing opportunities to share best practices for organizations and individuals to advocate for themselves in order to advocate for the arts overall.

MARKETING COMMITTEE - the marketing committee is responsible for NAC’s media strategy (website, social media, and email) to share NAC's message and rallying the membership for events