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Elect a mayor who supports the arts in Nashville  


We believe that artists, makers, and cultural institutions are Nashville’s competitive edge and make our city exciting, vibrant and innovative.

We believe that all Nashvillians, regardless of income or background, should have access to art in their schools and community. 

We believe that a coordinated approach to creative industry economic development results in more jobs and a better environment for small businesses, start-ups and creative entrepreneurs.

We believe that we must grow and support the cultural ecosystem of artists, cultural institutions and businesses with more resources, professional development, policies and high-level coordination.

We believe our arts and culture are Nashville’s Creative Edge and we will support Mayoral candidates who share this vision.

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The CREATIVE EDGE platform was developed in 2015 with input from many of Nashville's arts organizations, artists, and creative-focused businesses to be reflective of the direction of the NashvilleNext City Plan.  The NashvilleNext City Plan will be presented for public review on March 27th at this link:

GOAL: 48 signatures

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